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The business bot for the Microsoft cloud, trained without code to do everything your organization needs.


Bizzy is an enterprise bot allowing your users to interface with a single bot, through Microsoft Teams, to perform multiple functions. Instead of having multiple bots for IT, HR, etc… Bizzy consolidates your AI needs to a single interface for your users, allowing them to ask for services across your organization.

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How it Works

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It’s Magic! Well, almost. Your Bizzy bot is trained using Microsoft Flow. Using the Bizzy flow connectors, you create a flow for each use case you want handled by your Bizzy bot.

Bizzy has native integration with LUIS, so your bot can have real brains! Trained LUIS models can be lined up with your flows, and entities that come back from LUIS can be used in your logic.

Get Bizzy

Bizzy is installed through the Microsoft Teams built-in bot directory.

Currently Bizzy is available as a free service with restrictions. Soon after launch we will introduce paid plans that can reduce those restrictions and add additional capability.